What if a medicine is no longer available?

Time and time again, there are short-term interruptions in the supply chain of important medicines. As a result, patients lack their usual therapy options and need quick and uncomplicated solutions. Victoria Pharmacy has access to an international network of distributors and can help you find your medicine or a suitable substitute product.

More and more frequently, common medicines are no longer available from one day to the next. As a consequence, many patients as well as pharmacies have to look for an alternative, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Thanks to our close cooperation with licensed dealers all over the world, we always have an up-to-date overview of the availability of pharmaceutical products. This network gives us reliable access to the most modern medicines in the world.

Are you looking for a medicine that is out of stock?

Many patients are currently facing great challenges. They are on a medication therapy for which an active ingredient is missing from one day to the next. This can be annoying, as the treatment is often preceded by a long process of trial and error until a medicine achieves the desired effect. Our experts in the medication trade are not only understanding of urgent requests, but thanks to the comprehensive database, they can locate and order a medication in a very short time. 

What to do if a medicine is not available?

Should a product not be available, we will still find a solution. For most medicines, there are equivalent substitute products from other manufacturers. Our international network of certified manufacturers and pharmaceutical distributors allows us to check and import such substitute products. Of course, this is always done in consultation with the treating doctors or therapists.

Fast and secure from order to shipment 

Whether it's a routine order or an emergency, our specialised team will ensure your request is handled smoothly. Our delivery times range from one to two working days for products from nearby countries, and up to two weeks for products from overseas. We send the medicines directly to your home against delivery of the prescription. Tested packaging ensures that the products arrive temperature-controlled and intact.

Professional advice in our pharmacies

Competent professionals are available at each of our locations to take your enquiry and place orders. You can also contact the multilingual team of our pharmaceutical wholesaler directly by phone +41 43 344 60 60 or by e-mail. You can find more information on our page about ordering international medicines.

Where can I find medication from abroad?

The Victoria Pharmacy on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse has always been known as the international pharmacy.
We can obtain almost all medicines reliably and at short notice.

My medication is not available, what should I do?

Thanks to Victoria Apotheke's international database, medicines from various manufacturing countries can be found and sourced.  

Are foreign substitute medicines safe?

For many medicines, there are equivalent substitute products from certified manufacturers.
We work exclusively with licensed pharmaceutical distributors who operate to the same quality standards. 

How can I buy prescription-only foreign medicines?

At Victoria Pharmacy we stock a standard range of medicines from the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain UK, USA, Canada and Japan. We are also happy to advise you in your native language.