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You will find us at four central locations in Zurich - from the world-famous Bahnhofstrasse to the Circle at Zurich Airport. Click on the desired location to find out the address, telephone number and more about the services offered locally.

Rotpunkt promotions

Benefit from our monthly Rotpunkt promotions with 20% Rotpunkt discount on proven brand products. Compare now and save money on your next purchase.

Bisolvon sirup


Loosens mucus and clears the airways.

cough, 200ml

CHF 15.60

Promotion valid until 31. December 2022


Frequent colds?

Increases the body's defenses against susceptibility to colds.

e.g. Forte Tabletten 120 Stk

CHF 15.35

Promotion valid until 31. December 2022

Pretuval flu & cold


Relieves symptoms of headache, aching limbs, cold, fever and cough.

for example effervescent tablets, 20 pcs.

CHF 19.83

Promotion valid until 31. December 2022