For stress and overwork. With a dual mechanism of action for body and mind.

Tense? Under exam stress? Overworked and exhausted?


Rose root - doubly effective for stress and overwork.


Rose root solves a problem that arises with many remedies due to their one-sided effect: stressed users do not have to decide whether they want to either have more energy or do something for their mind - they can tackle both areas. This is made possible by the special, dual mechanism of action of rose root. While an active lowering of stress hormones provides more serenity in the mind, energy production in the body is stimulated and performance returns.


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Pack of 60 film-coated tablets CHF 38.80


The advantages of Vitango at a glance:

  • Increases physical and mental performance.
  • Has a stress-reducing effect.
  • Relief of stress symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, irritability and tension.
  • Supports during the learning phase.
  • Suitable for adults aged 18 and over.